/How to comply with the Italian e-ordering and e-invoicing mandates

How to comply with the Italian e-ordering and e-invoicing mandates


The Italian government has announced that e-invoicing will be mandatory for business-to-business invoices, and will no longer consider paper invoices as valid for value-added-tax (VAT) purposes. Electronic invoices must be transmitted via SDI (Sistema di Interscambio) – the government platform.

In parallel, the Italian government plans to introduce mandatory electronic ordering with public administrations and companies during 2018 and 2019.

This webinar covers the implications of the mandate, latest updates and tips on how Pagero can help you remain compliant.

– The Italian e-invoicing and e-ordering mandates explained
– The requirements to become and remain compliant
– Pagero Italy’s service offering


Nazar Paradivskyy, Head of Compliance

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